iPhone Repair Edmonton

iphone repair Edmonton

iPhone 7

iPhone 7Full Screen Assembly Replacement$120.00 iPhone 7Battery Replacement$60.00 iPhone 7Charging Port Replacement$80.00 iPhone 7Front Camera Replacement$80.00 iPhone 7Rear Camera Replacement$80.00 iPhone 7Ear Speaker$80.00 iPhone 7Power Button Replacement$80.00 iPhone 7Volume Button Replacement$80.00 iPhone 7Home Button Flex Replacement$50.00 iPhone 7Loud Speaker Replacement$50.00 iPhone 7Sim Tray Replacement$10.00 iPhone 7Bottom Screws - One pair, includes installation$10.00 iPhone 7Liquid Damage …

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iPhone 4s

Device/phoneRepair DetailsRepair Cost iPhone 4sFull Screen Assembly Replacement 70.00 iPhone 4sBack Glass Replacement$20.00 iPhone 4sPower, Volume, Mute and Mic Flex Replacement$50.00 iPhone 4sCharging Port Replacement $50.00 iPhone 4sHome button Flex Replacement$50.00 iPhone 4sRear Camera Replacement$50.00 iPhone 4sFront Camera Replacement$50.00 iPhone 4sBattery Replacement$60.00 iPhone 4sHeadphone Jack Replacement$50.00 iPhone 4sFrame Replacement (refurbished)$50.00 iPhone 4sMicrophone Replacement$50.00 iPhone 4sEar …

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iPhone 4

Device/phoneRepair DetailsRepair Cost iPhone 4Full Screen Assembly Replacement 70.00 iPhone 4Back Glass Replacement$20.00 iPhone 4Power, Volume, Mute and Mic Flex Replacement$50.00 iPhone 4Charging Port Replacement $50.00 iPhone 4Home button Flex Replacement$50.00 iPhone 4Rear Camera Replacement$50.00 iPhone 4Front Camera Replacement$50.00 iPhone 4Battery Replacement$60.00 iPhone 4Headphone Jack Replacement$50.00 iPhone 4Frame Replacement (refurbished)$50.00 iPhone 4Microphone Replacement$50.00 iPhone 4Ear …

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iPhone 5

Device/phoneRepair DetailsRepair Cost iPad 2Digitizer Replacement Black or White$80.00 iPad 3/4Digitizer Replacement$100.00 iPad AirDigitizer Replacement$100.00 iPad Air 2LCD Assembly$280.00 iPadSim Tray Replacement$10.00 iPadSoftware Repair/Software Flash/Content Transfer$25 - $60

iPhone 5c

Device/phoneRepair DetailsRepair Cost iPhone 5cFull Screen Assembly Replacement 70.00 iPhone 5cPower, Volume, Mute and Mic Flex Replacement$80.00 iPhone 5cCharging Port Replacement $60.00 iPhone 5cHome Button Flex Replacement$50.00 iPhone 5cRear Camera Replacement$50.00 iPhone 5cFront Camera Replacement$50.00 iPhone 5cBattery Replacement$60.00 iPhone 5cHeadphone Jack Replacement$60.00 iPhone 5cFrame Replacement (refurbished)$50.00 iPhone 5cMicrophone Replacement$60.00 iPhone 5cEar Speaker Replacement$50.00 iPhone 5cLoud …

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iPhone 6s Plus

Device/phoneRepair DetailsRepair Cost iPhone 6s PlusFull Screen Assembly Replacement$110.00 iPhone 6s PlusBattery Replacement$60.00 iPhone 6s PlusCharging Port Replacement$80.00 iPhone 6s Plus Front Camera Replacement$50.00 iPhone 6s PlusRear Camera Replacement$60.00 iPhone 6s PlusEar Speaker Replacement$50.00 iPhone 6s PlusHeadset Jack Replacement$80.00 iPhone 6s PlusPower Button Replacement$60.00 iPhone 6s PlusVolume Button Replacement$80.00 iPhone 6s PlusHome Button Flex Replacement$50.00 …

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iPhone 6s

Device/phoneRepair DetailsRepair Cost iPhone 6sFull Screen Assembly Replacement$100.00 iPhone 6sBattery Replacement$60.00 iPhone 6sCharging Port Replacement$80.00 iPhone 6sFront Camera Repalcement$50.00 iPhone 6sRear Camera Replacement$60.00 iPhone 6sEar Speaker Replacement$50.00 iPhone 6sHeadset Jack Replacement$80.00 iPhone 6sPower Button Replacement$80.00 iPhone 6sVolume Button Replacement$80.00 iPhone 6sHome Button Flex Replacement$50.00 iPhone 6sLoud Speaker Replacement$50.00 iPhone 6sSim Tray Replacement$10.00 iPhone 6sBottom Screws …

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iPhone SE

Device/phoneRepair DetailsRepair Cost iPhone SEFull Screen Assembly Replacement (Promotional Price)80.00 iPhone SEPower, Volume, Mute and Mic Flex Replacement$60.00 iPhone SECharging Port Replacement $60.00 iPhone SEHome Button Flex Replacement$50.00 iPhone SERear Camera Replacement$50.00 iPhone SEFront Camera Replacement$50.00 iPhone SEBattery Replacement$60.00 iPhone SEHeadphone Jack Replacement$50.00 iPhone SEFull Back Housing$120.00 iPhone SEMicrophone Replacement$50.00 iPhone SEEar Speaker Replacement$50.00 iPhone …

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iPhone 6

Device/phoneRepair DetailsRepair Cost iPhone 6Full Screen Assembly Replacement (Promotional Price)$80.00 iPhone 6Battery Replacement$60.00 iPhone 6Charging Port Replacement$60.00 iPhone 6Front Camera Repalcement$50.00 iPhone 6Rear Camera Replacement$60.00 iPhone 6Ear Speaker Replacement$50.00 iPhone 6Headset Jack Replacement$60.00 iPhone 6Power Button Replacement$80.00 iPhone 6 Volume Button Replacement$80.00 iPhone 6 Home Button Flex Replacement$50.00 iPhone 6 Loud Speaker Replacement$50.00 iPhone 6Sim …

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iPhone 5s

Device/phoneRepair DetailsRepair Cost iPhone 5sFull Screen Assembly Replacement 70.00 iPhone 5sPower, Volume, Mute and Mic Flex Replacement$80.00 iPhone 5sCharging Port Replacement $60.00 iPhone 5sHome Button Flex Replacement$50.00 iPhone 5sRear Camera Replacement$50.00 iPhone 5sFront Camera Replacement$50.00 iPhone 5sBattery Replacement$50.00 iPhone 5sHeadphone Jack Replacement$60.00 iPhone 5sFull Back Housing$120.00 iPhone 5sMicrophone Replacement$50.00 iPhone 5sEar Speaker Replacement$50.00 iPhone 5sLoud …

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iPhone 6 plus

Device/phoneRepair DetailsRepair Cost iPhone 6 PlusFull Screen Assembly Replacement$90.00 iPhone 6 PlusBattery Replacement$60.00 iPhone 6 PlusCharging Port Replacement$80.00 iPhone 6 Plus Front Camera Repalcement$60.00 iPhone 6 PlusRear Camera Replacement$60.00 iPhone 6 PlusEar Speaker Replacement$50.00 iPhone 6 PlusHeadset Jack Replacement$80.00 iPhone 6 PlusPower Button Replacement$80.00 iPhone 6 PlusVolume Button Replacement$80.00 iPhone 6 PlusHome Button Flex Replacement$50.00 …

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