Cellular Toy Shoppe FAQs

I want to purchase a smartphone. Which one is the best for me?

All of us here at Cellular Toy Shoppe are android users, so this answer may be biased.  We like android phones due to the variety available.  The android OS, while taking some time to learn, in our opinion offers more flexibility and options.  The Apple OS offers more expensive devices and obviously less choice but is simpler to use and more out of the box ready.  So the choice should be based on your budget and what you want the phone to do for you.

How long does it take to repair a device?

The repair time can be quite variable, and dependent on the phone and the type of repair that is needed. Screen repairs for more common phones (ex. iPhones and Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, Sony, LG, Nexus ect.) are completed within the day (or even within the hour if there are not too many phones ahead). If the device is not turning on, or if the cause of the problem is unknown, or water damage repair, diagnostics and repair can take 24-48 hours.  For a rare device for which we do not have a parts in stock, we can order them from our supplier.

Can we repair water damaged phones?

Yes we can. But water damage is very unpredictable. There tends to be a 50% success rate for water damage repair. There is no way to tell beforehand if the water damage repair will work: we have seen phones that have been in the bottom of a lake for a few hours begin to work, we have also seen phones have a glass of water spilled on them not work. Water damage is very unpredictable.

Why doesn’t my Telus phone work on Wind or Mobilicity?

Most Telus/Bell or Rogers phones are HSPA only which means they don’t have AWS banding.  So even if they are unlocked they will not work on Wind or Mobilicity.  You must have an AWS banded 1700/2100 mHz phones or pentabanded phone to work.

What are your hours of operation and why don’t you open on Sundays?

Check out our Contact page for that.  We do realize not opening Sundays may be inconvenient for some of our customers.  We have experimented over the years with opening 12PM to 5PM on Sundays and it proved not to be overly successful for us.  Thus we have currently chosen to close Sundays but it is always up for revision.

Do you offer trade-ins on phones?

Currently we do not do trade-ins for phones or accessories.

Do you unlock phones?

Yes we can unlock most phones.  Our pricing is available on our Unlocking Page. (add link here Fadi)

Can I upgrade from standard to expedited shipping?

Yes you can.  Check our Shipping page for details and when you complete your order select “Expedited – Canada” for Canadian orders and “Expedited – US” for US orders.

Do I need an appointment to get my phone repaired?

Appointments are not necessary. We work in on a walk-in basis. Wait times for repair will be determined on a first come first serve basis.

I would like to take my phone while traveling. What phone do you suggest for me?

You should definitely have an unlocked phone that is quad band compatible. We can unlock your existing phone or come visit us in store to select the right phone for you.

What cell phone carrier is the best?

This depends on your coverage needs.  If you travel a lot and are in rural areas, Telus, Koodo, Bell or Virgin should be better.  Rogers is similar but doesn’t have as much rural coverage.  Fido can vary based on the plan you are using.  Chatr works mainly in city areas.  Wind and Mobilicity are similar to Chatr and work in 5 major cities, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver and roams on Rogers in Canada and T-Mobile in the US. Although Wind and Mobilicity plans are priced very reasonably, we find that customers do report many dead spots in coverage.

I just want to make and receive phone calls. What phone is best for me?

Well any basic cell phone will do that for you.  So a standard candy bar or flip phone is enough.  However, if you would like to text, we do suggest a phone will a full keyboard, either physical or touch.

Do all cell phones offer Wi-Fi?

No.  This is hardware dependent.  Most smartphones now have built in Wi-Fi.

Can I move to a different carrier and keep my number?

The short answer is yes. You do not need to cancel with your current service provider.  You will need your phone number, account number, account holder and billing address (essentially your bill).  You take this information to the new carrier and usually within 48 hours the transfer process is complete.

Can I use my own phone with a carrier?

Yes, but it may need to be unlocked to do so.  Many carriers such as Koodo even offer a discount on your plan if you bring your own unlocked phone to them.

How can I recycle my old cell phone?

The truth is that about 96 percent of the materials in mobile devices are recyclable.  But the reality is that only 12 percent of used mobile devices are being recycled in Canada.  Clearly that number needs to rise and many of us have several old cell phones in drawer and boxes.  There is no charge for recycling your old phone and some materials inside are very toxic to the environment.

You can drop it off at recycle boxes at places like Future Shop, London Drugs or Canadian Tire or your local eco centre. Phones can also be dropped off with us for recycling.