Cellular Toy Shoppe FAQs

Why should I purchase an unlocked refurbished cell phone from Cellular Toy Shoppe?

An unlocked refurbished cell phone with warranty is far less expensive and one less phone in a landfill. We offer an instore warranty and inspect all our unlocked refurbished cell phones.

What is the difference between a refurbished and used cell phone?

A like new refurbished cell phone is exactly that, a new looking phone with new accessories that is tested and approved. A used phone can be any phone in any condition.

Why should I have my cell phone repaired by Cellular Toy Shoppe?

We use OEM quality parts and offer in most cases a quick turnaround with reasonable prices.

How long does Cellular Toy Shoppe take to repair cellular phones?

Most cell phones can be repaired in about an hour. Others may take a day or several days.

Can Cellular Toy Shoppe repair water damaged cell phones?

We don’t repair; we clean water damaged parts. If your cell phone is sitting with water damage for more than 2 weeks, probability of successful cleaning decreases.

How long has Cellular Toy Shoppe been in business?

We have been taking great care of our customers since 1999.

What is my warranty from Cellular Toy Shoppe?

We cover phones and repairs with 90 days warranty. Unless otherwise specified.

Do I need an appointment to get my device repaired?

No, we work on first come and first serve basis.

Does Cellular Toy Shoppe unlock cell phones?

Yes we do.

Do you sell accessories?

Absolutely. We carry a full range of accessories and accessory bundles to complement our wide selection of phones and bring you the most value possible. Our technical sale representatives will help you out.

What is Cellular Toy Shoppes hours of operation?

Monday-Friday: 10AM-6PM
Weekends: 12PM-5:30 PM

What does our repair estimate include?

It includes both part and labour cost.