Screen Protector Installation

Worried about damaging your new phone or device? We offer screen protectors to help protect that beautiful screen on your device. Our screen protectors come with a limited lifetime warranty when we do the installation! Contact us for pricing and additional information.

Device Unlocking

Are you planning to travel and want to use your phone during your travels or want to switch to a new carrier? Drop in and have us unlock your phone so you can use your phone the way you want to. We also sell unlocked phones for those of you who don’t want to be tied a contract or carrier. Real unencumbered cellular freedom! Contact us for details.
From $30

Phone and Tablet Repairs

At Cellular Toy Shoppe we offer repairs for most cell phones and tablets. We can repair a broken screen on your iPhone or your Samsung Galaxy Phone or almost any other Android device. Cracked iPad or Tablet screen – no problem; we can fix that too! In addition, we offer in-depth diagnostics for devices that are not turning on, or otherwise not functioning.